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We support the Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA).

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Our mission is to publish:

  • studies on the analyses of definitions
  • handbooks and other practical guidance for glossarists
  • new editions (& new translations) of older works related to the analyses of definitions & metalexicography
  • widely popular titles with film rights to subsidize the rest of our list

Within the scope of metalexicography, we publish studies of the analysis of definitions, specifically analysis of prescriptive nominal claims. To analyze a definition, we examine the text of a definitional claim to verify whether the claim has been put together in a reasonable way (built the thing right) and to validate whether the verified claim is useful as a definition for expected users (built the right thing), particularly within the context of a specified glossary or other linguistic community. We verify and validate against established criteria; such criteria address  desiderata for useful criticism that is both disinterested and systematic. Our criteria have emerged from study of our ever-growing corpus of  deficient definitional claims and are based upon our resulting taxonomy of definitional errors and anomalies. Our taxonomy includes interrogatories that range from spelling and punctuation to ontological and epistemological problems. Our taxonomy covers several sorts of logical analyses that are important for definitions, including temporal and spatial identity and persistence.